ourse, there are many patients chatting here, playing chess. Golden Wave to find Microsoft Certification a corner to make a shadow avatar after the surgery, Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure so that their shadow avatar to take care of Ling Ling, the waves from their own space in the ring and come up with six Terminator robots wearing black. Activation, the robot, the waves turned into venom after the use of the way, said You have changed my appearance Six liquid robots nodded, thei.r clothes like a black liquid flow, their clothes look like clothes, but in fact they are out of the liquid robot changes Soon, six tall and gold waves exactly the same venom appears At this time, the number of van parked in front of the hospital, dozens of cattle high horse vicious man carrying steel pipe from the car and went down. Go, down with them Jinlang Yao refers Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam to the group to find fault of the man Six liquid robots jumped downstairs at once These liquid robots but gold waves with 12,000 points bought from Aslan Their combat effectiveness of up to 1000 These robots h.ave automatic repair, liquid deformation, Edelman alloy body, the Department of immune system, there is no vital, no rest, if not fierce enough firepower, then these liquid robot is simply perfect Chapter 347 Puppet and Venom Corps There

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure